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"This was incredible. So helpful and insightful and uncannily accurate with what I'm facing at the moment. THANK YOU."

“You have an absolute gift. This just saved me. Thank you. I can't say it enough."

“Omg thank you so much! I was super skeptical but this was honestly so helpful! I've been in such a bad mental place for so long now and I know this is going to help me get to where I've always wanted to be. You're the best, Charlene!!”

"I think about the cards you read every day and have been incorporating the advice provided into my daily life. They've been so helpful and have meant everything to me."

“Wow, this really got me choked up. Thank you so much, Charlene, I really needed this message. I don't get a lot of encouragement and I can't tell you how powerful this was for me.”

"Charlene is one of the most talented readers I've ever worked with. She's not only incredibly accurate, but also uses her innate caring and understanding personality to deliver readings. The combination makes the messages she gives you incredibly powerful. I highly, highly recommend her."

"This was absolutely incredible. I definitely was a bit teary-eyed because it was spot-on and exactly what I needed to hear. I feel so calm now. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I appreciate it more than words can express."

"I originally decided to do this for entertainment and diversion, but this sh*t is real."

“Thank you for the best reading I've had in years. I am skeptical and consequently very picky. You are the real deal. Your gift is undeniable and the reading was an eye opening confirmation of what I'm looking at my life right now.”

“Going back over your reading was what got me out of bed today.”

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ATTENTION: My availability has become temporarily limited so I have turned off my booking calendar. For now, please contact me at and I will get back to you with some days and times so we can schedule your reading ASAP!  


Do you feel anxious, scared, hopeless, or lost? Does the fear of the unknown overwhelm you? Are you plagued by obsessive thoughts, worries, and insecurities? 


I truly know the feeling and have been there. And something that has always helped tremendously, time and time again, is asking for, and being open to, receiving confirmation and guidance from the universe.


My readings can give you this confirmation and guidance. With the help of oracle cards, I will deliver to you what messages the universe wants you to know right now. This confirmation can bring hope, comfort, confidence, and encouragement. And when we feel better--things start to look better. 

And hey skeptics, I totally get it. I never used to believe in this stuff, either. I didn't believe in "the universe," or angels, or psychics, or any of that woo woo stuff. So I understand if you are skeptical. Woo woo aside, you can trust that I just want to help in the ways that I can. My readings are simple, straight forward, accessible, and will resonate. They will resonate because that's what the Truth feels like!

I channel the Truth with gentleness, compassion, patience, and grace, for I was once in the darkness before I found my light. I was depressed and suicidal at age 12 which led to a life full of addiction and self-destruction. After several bottoms, I eventually had my spiritual awakening, which led to spirituality, therapy, healing, recovery, and the discovery of my spiritual gifts. It is always my intention to shine light, channel the Truth, and be of service for the highest good. No matter what we've been through, where we come from, what trauma we've experienced, or what we've done in the past, we all have purpose, we all have gifts, we all can heal, and it is my hope to help you tap into your own power.

Please note: I am not a fortune teller. Because of free will, you have the power to create your own future. It is my intention to use my channeling and intuition to help guide you to your own power and help direct your energy where it will serve you best. 

My readings are through texting. You will love having everything on your phone to look back on and read over again and again!

After you've scheduled your reading, there's nothing you need to do to prepare. Just show up and make sure you're present, still, and comfortable with no distractions. Let go of any expectation - the more open you are, the better, the stronger and more specific the messages will be.

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